Planet X FX

original briefing

“In the title sequence we see graphically edited (old school) archive images of little Rinus slowly growing up on the track into the legend he is now becoming; as a star driver at the highest level. From a minor kart champion to the grandeur and madness of the American Indy Series. So: images of the massive crowd, the high speed, the heavy crashes, the waving American flags. Interspersed with the growing archive footage of Veekay: his first steps, riding a horse on the back of father Marijn, as an eight-year-old racing in a kart, with spots on the podium, working towards the biggest victory in the here and now of his career. Ending at the title: VEEKAY.

The title sequence plays in sound with the many voices from TV and radio comments that praise Veekay or completely burn it down, interspersed with the direct intimate sound of the family home videos.

Graphic titles will be placed in the series itself, in line with the title sequence. These titles will be used to indicate location and timing, as a countdown towards the Indy500.”


Villain Studios askes us to bring in the oval-shape, the speed, and the enormous size of the Indy500 event.

The oval-shape of the parcours.
The Indy500 is a huge event
first animation test

some of the first test with shapes, animation, and typography. For the final version motion graphic artist Jurriaan de Groot also created the music.

Animtion test leader with the oval shape and typography
Animtion tests with repeating and mirroring footage to extra speed