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  • Regisseur
    Katarina Launing
  • Release
  • Producent
    Storm Films AS, Volya Films
    Frederick P. Howard, Denis Vaslin
  • Visual effects supervisors
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX
  • Animation director
    Peer Lemmers
  • Lead animator
    Constantine Krystallis
  • Animators
    Iza Springintveld
    Ruth Taylor
    Juan Forero
    Kim Watts
    Winston van Graafeiland
    Gürkan Yilmaz
  • Digital character sculptor
    Maarten Verhoeven
    Andre Ferwerda
  • Character rigging artist
    Michiel van Iperen
  • Facial rigging artist
    Morgan Loomis
  • Texturing artist
    Renato Gregorio Scicchitano
    Antoine Verney Carron
  • CFX artist
    Thomas Meeuwesen
  • Character designer
    Wouter Tulp
  • CG supervisor
    Jasper Scheepbouwer
  • 3D artist
    René van Zon
  • 3D modeler
    Steven Sier
  • FX artist
    Christian Klinkhamer
  • VFX generalist
    Pepijn Schroeijers, NVX
  • Lead compositor
    Roel Meijering
  • Compositing
    Frank Taris
    Juriaan Wolters
    Berenice Diman
    Ewoud Heidanus
    Dustin Kershaw
    Floris van der Veen
    Becanti Wijnbergh
    Albert van Vuure
  • VFX coordinator
    Luuk Meijer, NVX
  • Storyboard artist
    Menno Wittebrood
  • VFX on set supervisor and data wrangler
    Fir Suidema
  • VFX on set supervisor assistant
    Vilhelm Fladmark Larsen
  • Operations manager
    Violette Kleyn
  • VFX data manager
    Ruud Vreman
  • IT Managers
    Frank van der Peet
    Rami Afash
  • Pipeline TD
    David van Heeswijk
  • Editing vfx breakdown
    Ruud Vreman
  • Music
    Arvid Falch, Jan P. Muchow, Michal Novinskis
  • Colorist
    Judy Steenman, CSI
  • Additional colorist
    Martin Klein
  • Grading & facility
  • Director of photography
    Trond Tønder
  • Director
    Katarina Launing

Planet X brought to life a dragon (with most of the team WFH) for the Norwegian-Dutch co-production 'Dragon Girl'.

Director Katarina Launing was in charge of bringing the story of a young refugee girl, who meets an orphaned dragon, to the big screen.⁠

Planet X was responsible for the complete visual effects share of the movie from pre to finish. Featuring well over 220 shots, 170+ with a fully animated CG dragon (one of the first attempts of this scale in The Netherlands), the efforts resulted in 12 minutes of engaging screen time performance.⁠

To take the lead on the animation department, Planet X turned to experienced character animator Peer Lemmers to supervise a team of 7 talented animators.⁠

Producers: Volya Films, Storm Films (Oslo)

© 2021 Storm Films AS | Volya Films BV | Planet X

In August 2021, Dennis Kleyn (vfx supervisor) and Peer Lemmers (animation director) won the Amanda Award in Haugesund, Norway, for ‘Best Visual Effects’ in Dragon Girl.