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Phanta Vision Idents

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  • Director
    Donald Roos, Dennis Kleyn
  • Release
  • Producer
    Phanta Film
  • Art direction
    Donald Roos
  • Graphic design & animation
    Roel Meijering

Phanta Vision was founded in 1990 by film producer Petra Goedings and filmmaker JP Luijsterburg, and consists of several branches. Phanta Film, Phanta Edit, Phanta Visual, Phanta & Co and Phanta Basta!

Phanta Vision initially asked Planet X Title Design to develop an ident for Phanta Basta! and then later also for Phanta Film. The film department produces feature films, documentaries, (drama) series and short films. Phanta Basta! has been active since 2015 and focuses on making youth productions.

Although both departments are linked, the request for both idents was to give them their character. We have therefore developed both idents separately. The only similarity was that we use the logos as starting point.

Both times we began with making rough sketches, to find out what kind of animation suited best to the identity. For Phanta Basta! this has been ended up in a right-in-your-face animation. While for Phanta Film we have made an abstract universe that matches the experience of the audience. Although both idents differ, in both imagination play an important part. In the end, imagination is one of the main pillars of Phanta Vision.


Phanta Basta! ident