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The Day My Father Became a Bush

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  • Director
    Nicole van Kilsdonk
  • Release
  • Producer
    Lemming Film, A Private View, Minds Meet, Nukleus film —
    Joost de Vries, Eva Eisenloeffel, Sinisa Juricic, Leontine Petit, Fleur Winters
  • Graphic design & animation
    Donald Roos
  • Handlettering artist
    Celeste Holsheimer

The ten-year-old Toda lives in a bakery with her father, the country's best cake baker. One day, everything changes: Toda’s father is unexpectedly called to defend the country. Toda has to go to her mother who lives in the neighbouring country and where it is safe. And so, Toda begins an adventurous and exciting journey where she meets the strangest people on the way and gets into absurd situations. Toda is a girl who does not give up soon, but will she find her mother too?

On her way to her mother, Toda (Celeste Holsheimer) makes notes and drawings of her father, camouflaged as a bush, in her journal. For the title sequence, we asked Celeste to write all credits and make drawings of leaves. With this writings and drawings, we made a stop-motion title sequence.

Front credits

Celeste is writing all the credits for the title sequence.