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Sinterklaasjournaal 2017

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  • Director
    Dennis Bots
  • Release
  • Producer
  • Visual effects supervisors
    Albert van Vuure, NVX
  • VFX producer
    Michael Visser
  • Modeling
    Michiel Quist
  • Simulations
    Johan Boekhoven
  • Rendering
    Marnix Reckman
  • Compositing & Mattes
    Giso Spijkerman 
  • Release
    November 2017, The Netherlands
  • Music reel/clip
    Sinterklaasliedjes van vroeger - Zie ginds komt de stoomboot

'Sinterklaas' is a children´s festival, celebrated in The Netherlands and Belgium on December 5th. In November, Sinterklaas starts his journey from Spain by his steamboat called ´Pakjesboot 12´ with many helpers, called ´Zwarte Pieten' (Black Petes). On this boat, they transport many presents for all children who behaved well throughout the year.

‘Het Sinterklaasjournaal’ is a youth TV show (by now a tradition on the Dutch television) that reports Sinterklaas' journey to The Netherlands. In 2017 Pakjesboot 12 had to defy heavy storms and rough seas (which caused the some panic and sleepless nights for the children!)

Planet X was asked to create the steamboat in heavy storms and seas, which resulted in 11 full CG shots. Apart from this, we worked on 40 chroma shots in and around the cabin.