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  • Director
    Sasha Polak
  • Release
  • Producer
    Viking Film
    Marleen Slot
  • Visual effects supervisors
    Jan Daghelinckx
  • VFX production supervisor
    Dennis Kleyn, NVX

    3D supervisor
    Jasper Scheepbouwer
    Pepijn Schroeijers

    3D annimation
    Thomas Welleweerd
  • Compositing
    Roel Meijering
    Jan Daghelinckx
    Frank Taris 
  • VFX producer
    Violette Kleyn
  • Junior VFX producer
    Tim Groot
  • Title design
    Amira Daoudi
  • Running time
    104 min
  • Format
    shot on Arri Alexa, afwerking HD
  • D.O.P.
    Ruben Impens, SBC
  • Editor
    Sander Vos
  • Facility
  • Grading
    Peter Bernaerts
  • Music 
    Rutger Reinders

When Jade, a young mother from London, is discharged from hospital, the doctors are are happy with her progress. But can she ever be happy again? After an acid attack by her ex, she will have to live with scars on her neck, chest, arms and part of her face. The burns may heal, but the scars remain.